• Performance Plastics

    Performance Plastics

    Concentrating on developing market-oriented, high quality and differentiated products. Being able to help our customers in technical innovation, application, development, new product research, market information and businesses.

  • Methanol & Solvent

    Methanol & Solvent

    PENTA,PARA and IPA reached world-scale production, as a leading position in chemical industry in the world.

  • Electronic-Grade Chemicals & Solvents

    Electronic-Grade Chemicals & Solvents

    High purity product portfolio (control limit < 0.1 ppb). Electronic grade IPA、Acetone recycle service. Over 80% local market share in Taiwan TFT-LCD industry.

  • Elastomers Solutions

    Elastomers Solutions

    LCY GLOBALPRENE™ is a styrene-based polymer. Also referred to as styrenic block copolymer (SBC), it is a member of the thermoplastic synthetic rubber family and is composed of mainly styrene/butadiene or styrene/isoprene. SBC products have a wide range of applications.

  • Water Solutions

    Water Solutions

    LCY group's water business is aiming to establish sustainable and ecological water recycling solutions. The EPPA means Eco +Prosperity +Aqua, applying the forward-looking technology to wastewater treatment.

  • Bio-based


    We use renewable feedstocks (sugars and fatty acids) instead of fossil fuels and apply industrial biotechnology (fermentation) using our proprietary yeasts, which consumes sugars and fatty acids to produce desired products.

  • Storage & Warehousing

    Storage & Warehousing

    Providing storage tank rental business for import and export of chemical materials and products. Holding 57 units of stainless steel, carbon-steel storage tanks and other special equipments.

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