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Fashion is a dynamic industry that is constantly innovating, and a key aspect of this is the development and sourcing of materials. In line with evolving societal values, the fashion industry shares a common goal of actively seeking superior raw materials and technologies to realize a vision of waste reduction and sustainability. At the same time, it aims to meet the rapidly changing demands of consumers to achieve a seamless cycle of sustainable fashion.

We specialize in developing sustainable materials that meet the needs of the fashion industry, including biodegradable bio-based materials and recycled materials. This not only contributes to the sustainable development of the industry but by fine-tuning material properties, increases the efficiency of future recycling and reuse efforts, resulting in fashion products with enhanced comfort and functionality.

Projected Benefit: Development of cradle to cradle materials

We work with the supply chain to create green materials that are tailored to the needs of the end product, using biodegradable bio-based materials and recycled materials to advance sustainability in the fashion industry while reducing the environmental impact of production. In addition, the strategic tailoring of material properties based on different component needs supports the efficiency of future recycling and reuse, ensuring that fashion products are wearable and multi-functional.



  • Outsole

    The outsole is the bottom part of the shoe that makes direct contact with the ground. It requires functionalities such as wear resistance, slip resistance, compression resistance, and shock absorption. Elastomer solutions provide excellent traction and stability while protecting the shoe from external abrasion.

  • Midsole

    The midsole is the layer between the outsole and the insole. It provides support, shock absorption, and stability. Elastomer solutions, when used in midsoles, deliver comfort and excellent support while protecting the foot from external impact and pressure.

  • Insole

    The insole is the inner layer of the shoe and is specifically designed to reduce fatigue. The use of elastomer solutions, known for their moisture-absorbing, breathable, and elastic properties, helps to reduce stress on the feet and improve overall comfort.