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We are living in the era of smart evolution. In the crucial field of intelligent transportation, the realization of human-centered and intelligent transportation requires not only the improvement of materials but also the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility. Finding solutions that enable innovation in component manufacturing technology while reducing resource consumption and carbon emissions is a pressing need for the industry.

LCY provides highly efficient conductive materials, essential chemicals in semiconductor processes, and lightweight composite materials. The objective is to fully support partners in achieving product differentiation. In addition to ensuring superior performance, LCY contributes to energy efficiency by incorporating lightweight materials, thereby reducing the vehicle's energy consumption. This approach not only achieves energy savings while meeting industry standards but also expands possibilities in structural design.

Benefit 1: High-performance electronic materials

LCY provides high-performance conductive materials and key chemicals used in semiconductor processes through our innovative R&D technology. We provide customized solutions that are tailored to our customers' needs, enhance product differentiation, and increase competitiveness. Our commitment to superior performance meets industry standards and supply chain requirements.

Benefit 2: Lightweight solution reduces energy usage

LCY offers lightweight composite materials for automotive components that provide equal or better performance in terms of safety and durability. This not only reduces energy consumption during vehicle operation but also optimizes energy use and actively reduces emissions. It also opens up new possibilities for structural design.


Cables & insulators

  • Control systems & sensors

    Control systems & sensors are essential components used to monitor, control, and regulate the operation of equipment or systems. They require robust efficiency, safety, and stability. We enable swift automation control and precise feedback adjustment functionalities by harnessing copper foil's stable, excellent high-frequency, and high-speed signal transmission characteristics.

  • Cables & insulators

    Cables & insulators are critical components in automotive electrical systems, responsible for the stable transmission of power, signals, and data. Elastomer solutions can efficiently isolate and conduct electrical energy while protecting cables from external environmental influences and damage to meet the demands of transmission requirements.

  • Motor oil

    Motor oil plays a crucial role in the optimal performance of automotive engines by providing anti-wear properties and promoting fuel economy. Motor oil made from raw materials provided by industrial solutions stand out as the ideal choice for reducing friction, improving mechanical efficiency, and extending engine lifespan, all the while decreasing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

  • Soft leather

    In automotive applications, the demand for soft leather extends beyond durability and comfort to include aesthetic appeal. LCY's elastomer solutions, with excellent abrasion resistance and easy formability, meet the stringent criteria for high-quality soft leather and seamlessly align with the industry's performance requirements.

  • Automotive sleeves & handles

    Automotive sleeves & handles require both a comfortable grip and anti-slip functionality. Performance polymers solution & elastomers solution, known for its high flexibility and durability, plays a critical role in ensuring that these components effectively protect the vehicle's internal structure from external abrasion and vibration.

  • Interior panels & dashboard

    Automotive interior panels & dashboards play a critical role in providing structural support, protecting internal components, and enhancing the overall aesthetics of a vehicle's interior. LCY's elastomer solutions and performance polymers are specifically engineered to provide lightweight and durable solutions that can withstand the pressures and temperature fluctuations inside a vehicle. The result is enhanced functionality for interior trim and dashboards that guarantees user satisfaction.

  • Seal

    Automotive seals prevent the entry of liquids, gases, and dust. Elasotmers and performance polymers, known for their excellent elasticity and weatherability, can maintain excellent sealing function under a variety of environmental conditions, making them well-suited for various automotive application scenarios.

  • Exterior (bumpers, headlight housing, battery, etc.)

    A vehicle's exterior components are critical in protecting internal structures from external environmental damage and contamination. Aesthetic considerations are also paramount in their design. Performance polymers and elastomer solutions offer features such as impact resistance, waterproofing, and dustproofing to ensure a harmonious balance of functionality and enhanced visual appeal.

  • Paint and coatings

    Automotive finishes require rapid curing in high-temperature environments to achieve an even and smooth finish. Industrial solutions serve as essential raw materials to support products have excellent adhesion, weatherability, and abrasion resistance, is the optimal solution for surface treatment coatings that both protect and enhance the aesthetic appeal of vehicles.

  • Tires

    Tires play a key role in providing support, cushioning, and shock absorption during a vehicle's operation. LCY GLOBALPRENE™, known for its abrasion resistance, durability, and adaptability to different road surfaces, effectively meets the demanding performance requirements of tires.