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Performance Polymers and Materials

"Performance Polymers and Materials" indicates that LCY is committed to transforming traditional petrochemicals into a circular economy, and provides low-carbon scientific solutions to global partners through the application of biomass materials, recycled materials, and activated by-products.

Semiconductor and Interconnect

"Semiconductor and Interconnect Science" indicates LCY's connection with future technology, and through innovative green electronic materials and specialty chemicals, it joins hands with the industry chain to create a smart world.

Sustainable Technology

"Sustainable Science" indicates LCY's future development focusing on continuing the biological cycle, and supporting the move towards a net-zero life through carefully researched and exclusive yeast and fermentation engineering technologies.

Latest News


LCY GROUP Signs Business Capital Alliance Agreement with Nippon Denkai, Offering a US$9.5 Million Loan for Business Alliance Collaborations

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LCY Chairman Bowei Lee Receives Honorary Doctorate in Engineering from National Cheng Kung University Driving Innovation for the Future: Lee's Dedication Propels LCY to Global Excellence

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LCY Group Chairman Bowei Lee Named New ITRI Laureate Leading Industry Transformation and Nurturing Green Collar Talent

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LCY Recruits Green-Collar Talents to Realize ESG Blueprint

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