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As the adoption of smart home devices continues to surge, the public's desire for a more intelligent lifestyle is increasing. Consequently, the industry faces several challenges, including the urgency to develop more efficient hardware and software. Simultaneously, there is a critical need to minimize energy consumption during manufacturing processes to align with regulatory standards. In navigating these challenges, the industry must also meet various societal expectations.

The implementation of our sustainable management strategies, coupled with efforts to enhance energy and cost efficiency, helps reduce environmental impact. This commitment not only ensures product quality but also contributes to the realization of a smarter and more sustainable future for our world.

Project Benefit: Energy and resource circularity

In the production of materials for more efficient home appliance components, we employ renewable energy sources and incorporate heat recovery technologies to minimize the environmental impact throughout the manufacturing process. Additionally, through streamlined process management, we effectively reduce energy consumption in manufacturing. This approach results in a win-win-win situation for the environment, the industry, and consumers, aligning with our commitment to sustainable industry practices.

Wires and cables

Household appliance shells

  • LCDs

    LCDs are critical components in monitors, televisions, and cell phones. It must reliably convert electronic signals into images and text. LCY provides chemicals that effectively remove dirt.

  • Household appliance shells

    Household appliance shells must provide sufficient strength and protection while meeting the design requirements for product packaging. The malleability and durability of performance polymers solutions can satisfy the need to protect the product from damage and contamination while providing an aesthetic enhancement.

  • Mobile devices

    Mobile devices have become integral to our daily lives. They require exceptional stability and performance. The swift transfer and heightened safety features relying on LCY's electronic-grade chemicals and copper foils to guarantee the fulfillment of manufacturing and usage requirements.

  • Circuit boards

    Printed circuit boards is critical components in electronic products, requiring excellent fixation, support, installation, and connectivity. Materials such as copper foils with superior conductivity, stability, and recyclability help meet the demands of smart technology.

  • Wires and cables

    Electrical wires and cables are critical to the transmission of power and signals in electrical equipment. They consist of conductors, insulation layers, and outer jackets.