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LCY believes in "reimagining science for a thriving tomorrow" in the wake of today's environmental challenges. As a dedicated materials solutions provider and contributor to the advancement of human development, we view sustainability not only as a responsibility, but also as an opportunity. Our commitment goes beyond duty and represents a chance to improve the quality of life for our future generations. More

To ensure that our products meet the highest sustainability standards, we have integrated life cycle assessments into our product design process. This approach draws from both domestic and international guidelines, including references from the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), and the Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH). In addition, we have established LCY's Sustainability 6R framework based on the product characteristics and development approach of each business unit.

Circular Economy

E (Environment)

S (Society)

G (Governance)

  • GHG Emissions


    2022 total GHG emissions reduced by 22.9% compared to previous year.

  • Total water recovery rate from MBR


    In 2022, the total water recovery rate from MBR increased by 167% from the baseline.

  • Energy consumption per unit of product


    In 2022, the total energy consumption of the operating sites reduced by 7.9% compared to previous year.

  • Ratio of renewable energy


    289 GJ of energy generated on-site

  • Employee Satisfaction


    In 2022, employee satisfaction was 81%, a 5% increase from the previous survey.

  • Increase employee performance in the workplace


    Roll out Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in Taiwan locations

  • Strengthen equality


    Ensure women account for 15% of middle or senior management for LCY locations in Taiwan

  • company's competitiveness


    Complete 60% of the talent pipeline for senior management in LCY locations in Taiwan

  • Sales share of innovative materials


    In 2022, the sales share from innovative material products increased by 88% compared to the baseline.

  • Annual sales volume of solvent recycling services


    In 2022, the solvent recycling services sales volume increased by 47% from the baseline.

Action Policy

Sustainable Governance

We are committed to establishing a strong corporate governance system, complying with laws and regulations at all of our locations, and implementing honest and ethical business practices. We are committed to building a corporate culture based on integrity and accountability. We will continue to implement the highest standards of business integrity at the operational level while formulating an effective governance mechanism to fulfill LCY's social responsibilities.

Green Transformation

We promote Carbon Footprint Verification (CFV) to evaluate the use of energy, materials and carbon emissions at all stages of production. This allows us to systematically and strategically set short-, medium-, and long-term carbon reduction targets to move LCY toward our net zero target.

Employee Empowerment

We believe that "professional talent" and " safety" are critical to the sustainable development and operation of society and business. Therefore, we are dedicated to offering comprehensive and competitive compensation and benefits.

Social Inclusivity

LCY upholds three principles for community relations: community engagement, process safety, and environmental protection. While enhancing the company's operations, we also care about community development and extend our support to meet the needs of society as a whole, the industry, and economic development.

Responsible Supply Chain

To ensure the sustainable operation of the supply chain, we consistently address issues related to labor safety, human rights risks and ethical standards in supply chain management.

Sustainability Resource and Downloads

2022 ESG Report