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Catalyze Innovation

The purpose of LCY's existence is to reimagine science for a thriving tomorrow.

LCY address human and societal challenges through innovative solutions and contribute to sustainable industrial practices, and catalyze innovation to lead the industry transformation.

Our Values

Safety & Health

People are our greatest asset. By taking good care of our people, we empower them to do their best work. We believe it's our responsibility to take care of both our employees and our community.


We conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity in all facets of our work and refuse to compromise these principles under any circumstances. We adhere to the highest ethical standards, ensuring that our actions match our commitment and leaving no room for excuses.


We embrace a sense of accountability. Adopting a teamwork approach, we face challenges head-on, prioritize actions, and seek solutions without hesitation. To ensure exceptional execution, we emphasize self-management, agility in approach, and act with a clear sense of purpose.


By nurturing our growth mindset, we believe we can always make tomorrow better than today. To innovate and stay relevant, we engage in continuous learning and put what we learn into practice. Our growth mindset is the key to our continued success.


Our pursuit of truth and creativity is paramount, while we embrace empathy to facilitate open dialogue. Trust and collaboration are our greatest assets. We drive innovation not only within LCY, but also through collaborative value creation with our partners and clients.