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Water Management

Water is the key to chemical production. It is used for cooling, steam generation and feedstock processing. As a result, LCY has identified water as a significant risk category and has implemented a comprehensive management process. We prioritize issues related to water resources, including leveling up water management, setting water conservation targets, increasing the amount of recycled water, recycling condensed water, treating wastewater with MBR technology, and installing water conservation equipment to reduce water withdrawals.

Moreover, LCY entered into the "Kaohsiung Linhai Water Resource Center Reclaimed Water Usage Agreement" with the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In alignment with government policies, LCY committed to utilizing 2,000 tons of reclaimed water sourced from the Linhai Water Resource Center for its plants. This collaborative initiative involving society, government, and businesses aims to transform domestic wastewater into reclaimed water. LCY is one of five companies participating in this effort to enhance water resource efficiency.