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Digital Innovation

LCY has been actively pursuing digital transformation since 2014, focusing on cultivating a top-down change in the digital mindset of our employees to integrate technological tools and conduct digital analytics. During the transition, we have implemented the LCY Insights project and LCY AI School.

The LCY Insights project is tasked with implementing company-wide digital transformation and is dedicated to building a brand-new smart factory strategy platform. On the other hand, the LCY AI School courses allow us to delve into key areas of smart manufacturing in the chemical industry. These courses introduce the construction and application of smart machines, with a special focus on strategic methods for AI implementation.

This series of innovative applications not only enhances production safety, but also brings significant energy-saving benefits. It ensures stable product quality and increased production capacity. Building on this foundation, we have created an intelligent manufacturing optimization solution that prioritizes safety, energy efficiency, and quality stability. We are incorporating more AI technologies into chemical manufacturing to guide the company's future development direction.