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As a key player in the global materials and chemicals sector, LCY is committed to achieving more sustainable development. In the coming era of carbon pricing, carbon reduction is not only a company’s social responsibility but also a key competitive advantage. To this end, we have taken proactive measures by establishing the Green Transformation Team (GTT) and investing in advanced systems such as steam injectors, heat pumps, and mechanical steam compressors. By working closely with our suppliers and procuring green energy, we expect to significantly reduce emissions, with a goal of a 30% reduction by 2030. This concerted effort demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability and gives us a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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Green Transformation

LCY is committed to becoming a creator of green transformation. We promote Carbon Footprint Verification (CFV) to evaluate the use of energy, materials and carbon emissions in all stages of production. This allows us to systematically and strategically set short-, medium-, and long-term carbon reduction targets that serve as the basis for our business decisions and drive LCY toward net zero by 2050. The company continues to promote sustainable manufacturing to increase energy efficiency. Meanwhile, LCY factories are required to increase renewable energy and integrate ISO 50001 energy management systems.