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Responsible Chemical Management

Chemical management at LCY is controlled through two phases: Product R&D and Plant Management

In product R&D, we evaluate alternatives and minimize high-risk/hazardous substances through management procedures prior to mass production. In addition, we work with industrial safety and environmental protection units at our plants to assess environmental, health and safety risks in the production process. The approach aims to reduce potential hazardous substances and lower risks to operation and production.

In plant management, we control chemical risks from the aspects of chemical properties, EHS risks, and process hazards.

We continuously monitor updates to chemical regulations by the regulatory authorities, ensuring that each plant and relevant unit adhere to safe chemical operations. This commitment ensures compliance with local regulatory standards, safeguarding the well-being and safety of our employees in the use of chemicals.

In addition, in 2019, we implemented a chemical management system platform. This platform allows us to manage and monitor the properties and status of more than 20,000 registered chemicals. Integrated with a PDA application, the system facilitates recording, queries and audits related to chemical operations. The system's QR code functionality allows us to access information on chemical types, quantities, configurations, and hazards anytime, anywhere.