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We believe that "talent" and "security" are critical to the sustainable development and operation of both society and business. As such, we strive to provide robust and competitive salaries and benefits, including annual leave policies that exceed regulatory standards, group insurance, employee trust funds, health checks, diverse club activities, etc.

We also strongly oppose any form of discrimination and believe in a workplace that fosters mutual respect and trust. We are happy to share the fruits of our collective labor with our employees by providing a performance-based compensation system that incentivizes employees and ensures that all employees can reach their full potential to build a happy and friendly workplace.

Employee return rate


100% employee return rate and 89% retention rate after parental leave

Employee training

average increase of 12.7% per employee from the previous year

Employee training reached 59,000 hours, with an average increase of 12.7% per employee from the previous year (2021)

Employee Empowerment

Employees are the drivers for continuous corporate growth and the 

cornerstone for sustainable development. LCY treats all employees 

based on their functions solely and our hiring policies value equality 

and diversity.

LCY is dedicated to pursuing outstanding talents and expanding the scale of our organization. We institute robust HR policies to provide diverse job opportunities, establish comprehensive pay and benefit systems, and uphold gender equality and non-discriminatory ideals during hiring processes.