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Employment, Training and Education, and Employee Engagement Survey

LCY focuses on talent development and prioritizes the career development of our employees. We have established a robust training and development framework to achieve LCY's business development goals and to meet the staffing needs of a rapidly expanding business. The framework includes orientation, specialized training, management training at various levels, safety training and courses on our corporate values.

We provide comprehensive training through a variety of channels, including in-person classes, workshops and e-learning. Our one-on-one mentorship program aims to support the mental well-being of mentees and make a positive impact through guidance and inspiration. In addition, we conduct "Trust and Respect" workshops at our operations in Taiwan to foster team consensus, create a common language and understanding, and significantly improve overall team effectiveness.

In addition to nurturing internal talent, LCY actively collaborates with various universities and colleges in Taiwan. We employ diverse approaches, including on-campus recruitment, corporate presentations, internship programs, and career coaching initiatives. These efforts are geared towards inspiring, encouraging, and developing the talents of the next generation. Furthermore, we've revitalized LCY's employer brand, showcasing our commitment to ESG principles. This rejuvenated image aims to engage in ongoing communication with both current employees and potential recruits to more effectively convey our corporate message.