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Upholding LCY's values of safety & health, integrity, accountability, kaizen and co-creation, our team comprises a diverse set of talented professionals dedicated to addressing global challenges in sustainability, mobility, and interconnectivity.

We cultivate extensive collaboration and harness our wide-ranging expertise to provide customized solutions for our valued customers. Also, we employ market-driven innovation and rigorous scientific methodologies to develop new products and values that enhance the benefits for our customers.

This approach not only enhances the team's technical capabilities but also motivates the staff to strive for excellence. The accumulated experience gained through knowledge discovery and technological innovation will serve as the cornerstone for value creation within a circular economy industry chain.

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R&D Strategic Direction

Application Development

Chemical Sciences

Analytical Sciences

Engineering Sciences

Material Sciences

Formulation Science

Talent is the foundation of R&D

A solid team with innovation capabilities

  • Chemical Synthesis and Interfacial Chemistry
  • Polymer Design and Synthesis
  • Material Design, Development, and Application
  • Composite Materials and Blending
  • Process Engineering and Scale-up
  • Multiscale Modeling and Simulation

  • Multiscale Measurement and Comprehensive Chemical Analysis
  • Material Characterizations
  • Patent Mapping and Technology Assessment
  • Intellectual Property Strategy and Planning
  • Market Intelligence Analysis and Insights
  • Business Modeling and Marketing Strategy

R&D base

Corporate R&D Center

  • Extend existing products and integrate upstream and downstream supply chain
  • Develop green and sustainable application materials
  • Collaboration with the industry chain for joint research/development of comprehensive solutions

Biotechnology R&D Center

  • The center focuses on optimizing microbial engineering and biosynthesis for large-scale production of nutritional supplements and renewable feedstock
  • Development of proprietary yeast strains and fermentation processes; expansion of fermentation tank capacity to 1 million liters.
  • Innovate downstream processes to efficiently purify the required chemicals from the fermenting liquid.