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LCY Elastomers Solutions is one of the world's leading producers of styrenic block copolymers (SBC). Our product portfolio consists primarily of SBS, SIS, SEBS, and SEP, which are used in a wide range of consumer applications. These include compound materials for footwear, modified asphalt, waterproofing membranes, adhesives, and plastics modification. Solutions applications also include synthetic leather, high-temperature and compression-resistant automotive components, and high-end medical materials.

SBCs exhibit properties such as colorless, odorless, low toxicity and recyclability, providing customers with a safe, convenient and environmentally friendly option. Currently, most of the GLOBALPRENE™ product lines meet FDA specifications. In addition, LCY's SEBS Series products have passed ISO 10993 biocompatibility testing and are US Pharmacopeia Class VI certified.

Looking to the future, LCY Elastomers Solutions is committed to innovating and developing differentiated, high value-added, environmentally friendly products that are market competitive. We are committed to expanding our global presence and providing high quality products and services to customers worldwide.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent stability
  • High processability

Product Categories

LCY GLOBALPRENE™ is a styrenic block copolymer, also known as SBC. It is a type of TPE that is produced from styrene-butadiene or styrene-isoprene. SBC products find wide applications across various industries. It exhibits rubber-like properties without the need for vulcanization.

ESBR is widely used in rubber products such as tires, conveyor belts, shoe soles and rubber hoses. It has excellent stability, high processability, excellent wear resistance, heat aging resistance, water resistance, and excellent air tightness. The product meets the requirements of German GS certification for PAHs and the European Union Directive 2005/69/EC on PAHs. LCY is a trusted supplier of ESBR to major global tire brands and conveyor belt factories.

Quality Assurance

LCY's Procurement, Green Product Planning, Supplier Management, and EHS units maintain ongoing communication with our suppliers. Suppliers are asked to provide material fact sheets and safety data sheets (SDS) for quality assurance. Additionally, employees across various business units actively promote, review, and implement environmental, health and safety management policies and systems to align with the company's evolving development needs.


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