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LCY upholds three principles for community relations: community engagement, process safety, and environmental protection. As we optimize our company's operations, we actively contribute to community development. Our engagement initiatives and support efforts are dedicated to addressing the broader needs of society, the industry, and fostering economic development.

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Participated in 44 domestic and foreign industrial public associations

Social Inclusivity

LCY is committed to contributing to an inclusive and mutually prosperous society. We gain insight into the needs of local communities and promote LCY's sustainable ideals through open house events. We also strengthen stakeholder communication and raise public awareness of sustainable development in the materials industry by collaborating with academia and government on campaigns that focus on industry topics.

We have also established a circular economy and innovation ecosystem. LCY leverages resources and networks in international scientific research to promote technological breakthroughs in circular economy. Opportunities to exchange ideas with relevant startup companies help broaden the horizons of our professional talents and further expand cooperation opportunities.