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Social Engagement & NGOs

LCY upholds three principles for community relations: community engagement, process safety, and environmental protection. As we optimize our company's operations, we actively contribute to community development. Our engagement initiatives and support efforts are dedicated to addressing the broader needs of society, the industry, and fostering economic development.

LCY invites schools, local authorities and business partners in the vicinity of our plants to our open house sessions. The sessions provide an insight into the plant's safety and environmental management principles and practices, as well as a platform for open dialogue on topics such as corporate social responsibility, circular economy, wastewater recycling technology and PI systems.

We are deeply aware of the importance of environmental protection. In 2022, employees at the Linyuan Plant volunteered to inspect the land, coastline, rivers and roads, committing to protect our environment through real action. More than 256 employees and their families participated in this volunteer effort. In addition to planning and organizing activities, volunteer members also form teams to independently perform various tasks, encouraging collective employee participation in meaningful services.

In order to actively expand its positive influence in the industry, LCY has participated in industry associations and other group organizations over the years, mainly serving as members in the organizations, or serving as director or chairman of some industry associations.