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LCY is the largest producer of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) in Taiwan. Our product is of the highest quality and our commitment has established our leading position in the Asian market. LCY is also the only producer of acetaldehyde (AA) in Taiwan.

Ethylene-derived solvents: acetaldehyde (AA) and ethyl acetate (EAC), primarily used in paints, oil-based inks, and adhesives.

Propylene-derived solvents: isopropyl alcohol (IPA), acetone (DMK), and methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK). The propylene-based solvents are primarily used in nitrocellulose, paints, electronics, synthetic leather, pharmaceuticals, and oil-based inks.

Application Scope

It is widely used as a cleaning fluid, including cleaning electronic equipment and semiconductor wafers to clean impurities.

It is widely used as a solvent and can dissolve a variety of organic and inorganic substances such as alkaloids, rubber, shellac, rosin, frankincense, synthetic resins, etc.

Product Specifications

GradePurityCCC CodeApplication Keywords
AA99.7Ethyl, acetate, isopenterythritol, lactic, acid, ethylamine, butanol, and, other, and compounds
ACETONE99.52914.11.00.00-8 Volatile, solvents, lotions, absorbents, extractants, denaturants, organic, synthetic, raw, and materials
DME99.9Aerosol's, sprays, (Propellants), coolants, solvents, and, other, various, chemical, and reactions
IPA99.82905.12.20.00-4 It, can, be, widely, used, as, the, best, solvent, in, nitrocellulose, coatings, inks, cleaners, and, and antifreeze.

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