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LCY CHEMICAL CORP donated 6 tons of cleaning solution based on Isopropyl alcohol to Kaohsiung Police Department and Delivery Services Building a Strong Anti-epidemic Network Together to Protect Taiwan


李長榮化工捐贈高雄警消與外送員6噸異丙醇清潔液 攜手前線抗疫英雄打造堅強的防疫網 共同守護台灣家園-1.jpg

With the mission to fight epidemic, for the second year in a row LCY CHEMICAL CORP announced about donation of 6 tons of 75% diluted electronic grade Isopropyl alcohol cleaning solution supporting Kaohsiung City police officers, Kaohsiung LinYuan District Affairs Progressive Community and UberEats.

The cleaning solution will be used as a disinfectant for the surrounding environment and supplies to protect the front line personnel and fulfill corporate civic responsibility for the local epidemic prevention.

Kaohsiung City government thanked LCY CHEMICAL CORP for supporting the hard work of front-line personnel and pointed out that surrounding environment disinfection materials are one of the most important supplies, and that protecting front-line personnel can ensure the fight against epidemics can be carried out more effectively.

Recently, a number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 has been increasing in Taiwan, and police officers on duty have taken suspected Covid-19 patients to the hospital to protect public health.

And private delivery platforms' personnel is not afraid of risks delivering food and fresh groceries to consumers, helping them to maintain normal life conditions in the midst of epidemy.

Frontline police officers and food delivery personnel face possible contact risks, and cleaning and disinfection is even more important at this time.

LCY CHEMICAL CORP supported Taiwan’s fight against the epidemic and expressed sincere gratitude to the hard-working heroes by donating 75% diluted electronic grade isopropyl alcohol cleaning solution to Kaohsiung City Police Department and Uber Eats Platform to help in protecting Taiwan's homes and provide a safe and secure living environment.

The Kaohsiung City Fire Department pointed out that firefighters are also fearless in the face of the epidemic. During the epidemic, disinfectant cleaning solutions became one of the team's most important equipment, and LCY's charity is undoubtedly the biggest encouragement for the firefighting team to keep to the forefront of the fight against the epidemic. The Kaohsiung City Police Department's traffic regulation team also says that even if exposed to the risk of infection, the team is still doing its part, and that LCY's donation of anti-epidemic supplies is undoubtedly the warmest support for the heroes who are on the front line.

LCY CHEMICAL CORP actively supports local epidemic prevention work. In addition to providing stable and high-quality mask materials, the group president Mr. Bowei Lee donated two digital dPCR nucleic acid testers to the Taoyuan City Government on behalf of the group. Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) is a chemical widely used in the industrial and electronic industries.The electronic grade isopropanol alcohol (EIPA) produced by LCY CHEMICAL CORP is mainly supplied to major international semiconductor manufacturers for wafer cleaning in the manufacturing process. In daily use or sanitary products, diluted isopropanol has a similar disinfection effect to alcohol (ethanol), and it is also widely used in the aqueous solution (60-70%) or hand sanitizer (75%).

李長榮化工捐贈高雄警消與外送員6噸異丙醇清潔液 攜手前線抗疫英雄打造堅強的防疫網 共同守護台灣家園-2.png