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SIS Latex developed by LCY GRIT CORP. wins TCIA award Non-toxic, hypoallergenic latex gloves safe and environmentally friendly


The state-of-the-art SIS Latex developed by LCY GRIT CORP., a subsidiary of LCY CHEMICAL CORP., has won the 2021 Taiwan Chemical Industry Association (TCIA) Product Innovation Award. Created using the technology of anionic polymerization, SIS Latex is the first of its kind in Taiwan. The material garnered unanimous recognition from the TCIA award committee and will be part of the solution to natural latex allergies and medical waste management.

SIS Latex will create a healthier, safer workplace and environment

Proteins found in natural rubber latex are a major source of allergens that cause asthma symptoms in medical personnel. Research has found that 3%–17% of medical staff in Europe and the US are allergic to latex products; in some cases, latex-caused anaphylaxis can lead to death. As a result, most medical gloves are made of PVC and disposal requires incineration, resulting in toxic emissions that endanger human health.

LCY GRIT CORP. has spent 25 years in the research and development of alternative, recyclable materials. With its mature technology of anionic polymerization, the company has secured a breakthrough in the development of latex alternatives and brought Taiwanese medical supplies in line with international standards.

Vicky Wang, head of the Polymer R&D Group at LCY GRIT Corp., led her team through market research, data collection, technology building, and product certification as they developed a series of physically cross-linked, high-fluidity, halogen-free, and low-VOC SIS water-based latex products. Eschewing the use of chemical cross-linking has made it possible to create a non-toxic, hypoallergenic material that removes the risk of potentially fatal allergies. Disposal of gloves made from such materials is also more environmentally friendly.

Talent cultivation and corporate innovation are important missions for LCY

The R&D prowess and achievements of LCY CHEMICAL CORP. can be attributed to its efforts to cultivate talent. We are committed to a diverse workplace where all voices are respected, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or faith. The SIS Latex project was born in this environment of fair competition and gender equality. Team leader Vicky Wang has headed several polymer R&D projects and led LCY CHEMICAL CORP. on its path to excellence in the green economy.

“LCY GRIT CORP.’s polymer synthesis and emulsion technology will provide customers with high-quality, high-performance, and environmentally friendly green chemical solutions and help them achieve their goals of environmental sustainability,” said Joey Lin, Vice President of TPE Business Unit at LCY CHEMICAL CORP. Lin continued, “We are honored to receive the Product Innovation Award from the Taiwan Chemical Industry Association and will continue to focus on sustainable innovation and work with our customers to create higher-value materials and technologies to reduce our environmental footprint.”

環球橡膠創新研發自交聯SIS Latex 獲TCIA化學產業菁英獎 無毒抗敏的乳膠手套材質 提升醫療安全的文明解方.jpg