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LCY Group and Wego Foundation Support Taiwan's Epidemic Prevention Efforts by Jointly Donating the Highest Specification Testing Equipment Developed and Produced by Quark Biotech to Taoyuan City Government


To strengthen Taiwan's epidemic prevention capabilities, LCY Group and the Wego Foundation jointly donated two high-sensitivity digital PCR nucleic acid testing instruments developed and produced by Quark Biotech Company, as well as 1,000 sets of COVID-19 virus testing reagents to the Taoyuan City Government on the 2nd. By enhancing virus testing efficiency through precise testing technology, they aim to prevent false negative infections from becoming loopholes in epidemic prevention and reduce the possibility of cluster infections. Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsang presented certificates of appreciation to LCY Group President Bowei Lee, Wego Foundation Chairman Lee Chuan-hung, and Quark Biotech Optoelectronics Chairman Lee Chung-hsi, expressing gratitude.


LCY Group President Bowei Lee and Wego Foundation Chairman Lee Chuan-hung stated that they are always standing with the people and the government. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, they have not only actively exerted their professional expertise to support Taiwan's epidemic prevention with practical actions but also hoped to provide the best testing tools developed and produced by Taiwan's Quark Biotech Company through this donation, to strengthen the virus testing efficiency on the front lines of epidemic prevention and contribute to epidemic prevention in Taiwan.

LCY Group joined the "Mask National Team" when the epidemic broke out in 2020, providing stable and high-quality raw materials for mask manufacturers and donating a total of 20 tons of 75% isopropyl alcohol cleaning solution to nearby 160 elementary and junior high schools, kindergartens, 72 traditional markets, police and fire units, etc., fully supporting Taiwan's epidemic prevention. In response to the current epidemic situation, LCY Group actively fulfills its role as a corporate citizen, once again investing in donation actions to provide more efficient testing equipment for the frontline of epidemic prevention and reduce the pressure on frontline epidemic prevention personnel.

The high-sensitivity digital PCR nucleic acid testing instrument donated this time (digital PCR, or dPCR) was developed and produced by Quark Biotech Company. It is currently the most accurate and highest-specification absolute quantitative testing technology for "low-concentration trace nucleic acids." Its accuracy is higher than that of general PCR and is the only dPCR testing product approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan. It can enhance the sensitivity of COVID-19 virus detection, reduce the possibility of epidemic prevention loopholes and cluster infections. Research data from the international medical journal medDxiv also shows that the overall accuracy of digital dPCR nucleic acid testing is as high as 94.3%, effectively solving the problem of ambiguous results. Furthermore, since dPCR is an absolute quantitative technology different from the qualitative technology of general PCR, through repeated testing of patients, changes in the trace amounts of viruses in COVID-19 patients or those recovering can be observed, providing more appropriate treatment methods or epidemic prevention measures.

LCY Group and Wego Foundation hope to inspire more support from the industrial sector through this action, calling on everyone to join hands in combating the COVID-19 epidemic. They also call on all sectors to cheer for the medical community and jointly resist the epidemic.