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LCY Accomplishing Dual Cycle Circular Economy Model Through EIPA Waste Recycling Technology


LCY Chemical Corp. upholds the spirit of chemical innovation. Through its electronic grade isopropyl alcohol (EIPA) recycling technology, LCY has improved the traditional recycling and treatment methods of isopropyl alcohol waste. The Dual Cycle circular economy model fully utilizes the resources and reduces the environmental burden. To explain the complicated chemical waste treatment process, LCY has produced a brief animation video to illustrate the EIPA waste recycling treatment and how we put circular economy concepts into practice.

There are two cycles in LCY's Dual Cycle circular economy model. The first cycle assists downstream clients to recycle isopropyl alcohol waste, which is distilled and purified into electronic grade isopropyl alcohol. As for the second cycle, LCY completely recycles wastewater and reuses within the factory. In 2017, the Dual Cycle circular economy model has won the "Circular Economy Contribution Award" by the Taiwan Chemical Technology Industry Association (TCIA).

It is one of LCY's business philosophy to ensure "Eco+ Prosperity" for both the economy and environment. Looking ahead, we will continue to improve our products and manufacturing processes, striving to achieve greater resource efficiency. We would also like to invite our associated partners to join hands with us in promoting circular economy. The joint effort is the key to reducing resource consumption and achieving environmental sustainability.

李長榮化工異丙醇廢液回收技術 實踐「雙循環」循環經濟模式.jpg

Chinese and English video links as below. Please feel free to share:

LCY UIPA 雙循環經濟影片中文版


李長榮化工異丙醇廢液回收技術 實踐「雙循環」循環經濟模式_QR.jpg

LCY UIPA "Dual Cycle" Circular Economy (English version)

YouTube link:

李長榮化工異丙醇廢液回收技術 實踐「雙循環」循環經濟模式_QR en.jpg