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LCY’s Global Employee Engagement Performance is Key to Talent Sustainability Listen to Retain


李長榮全球員工敬業度超過八成 以人才永續建構企業競爭力.jpg

The competition for cross-disciplinary talent challenges businesses’ employee retention performance as the world faces a global labor shortage. As employees form the cornerstone of LCY’s competitive edge, the company conducts an employee engagement survey once every two years to gain insight into employee feedback. According to the 2022 survey, LCY’s global employee engagement rate is at 81%, a 5% increase from 2020. Successful retention is key to LCY’s talent sustainability.

Remuneration Competitiveness, Career Trajectory, and Security all Exceed Market Average

In a complex and dynamic environment, employees are an important driver for growth. To achieve long-term development and competitiveness, companies must seek out employees with professionalism, motivation, and the willingness to go beyond, in particular, those who share the company’s values and passion are imperative to performance. As such, employee engagement has become an important indicator for businesses’ self-evaluation.

LCY started to conduct employee engagement surveys in 2017. The 2022 survey reports an 81% score in employee engagement. A detailed examination of the breakdown draws the following conclusion:

1. Competitive remuneration: The employee remuneration satisfaction score exceeds the market average by 13%, a strong indication that LCY’s remuneration is highly competitive among industry peers.

2. International rotation and cross-departmental integrated training: LCY employees across the globe have demonstrated high self-expectation in terms of career trajectory and development. Employee satisfaction with corporate training and development opportunities also exceeds the market average by 10%.

3. Uncompromised safety: 80% of global employees share and recognize LCY’s safety culture values, which is a demonstration that LCY’s high safety standard has become ingrained in the employees’ DNA.

Talent Sustainability Stems from Corporate Culture

Go Beyond, Go Inclusive and Go Green are the three major employee characteristics LCY draws from the employee engagement survey.

“To maintain a high level of competitiveness in an ever-changing era, talent sustainability is the key to strong governance. Employee recognition and establishing a corporate culture that employees aspire for are key to building talent capital,” said Vincent Liu, CEO of LCY Chemical Corp.

LCY’s corporate culture and employee characteristics buttress one another. LCY employee’s courage to face challenges, their embodiment of inclusiveness and the pursuit of sustainability represent LCY’s mission. Meanwhile, LCY provides a diverse set of interdisciplinary trainings to help employees pursue career development and self-fulfillment. With the employees as the backbone of the company, LCY looks forward to expanding its presence in the material science industry.

“Craft New Chapter” Campaign Showcases Company Culture

LCY is recruiting talent from around the world as the company continues to expand its global presence. LCY has launched the “Craft New Chapter” employer branding campaign during the peak hiring season in Taiwan. Throughout the campaign, the exemplary values of Go Beyond, Go Inclusive and Go Green are showcased through employees’ workplace videos. In the uploaded videos, Plant Manager Huang can be seen surveying the solar panels and sharing his time-management philosophy; researchers engaged in critical work at the LCY R&D Center are also highlighted.

For more YouTuber and employee workplace videos, please visit the campaign website: