Performance Composites

Performance Composites
  • Satisfy customer requirements in various applications.
  • Provide materials with outstanding performance.
  • Custom-made products available.
  • Green materials that comply with environmental regulations.
  • Products with stable quality.
  • Viable substitute for various types of thermoset rubber products to help conserve energy, and to reduce production costs with improved finished product quality.


LCY GLOBALENE performance composites can be applied in a wide range of markets. Each product line has its unique advantages to meet the demands of various industries. GLOBALENE performance composites cover three product lines – PCMA, TPO and TPV with hardness as low as 25 Shore A.

Performance Composites Product Series


The automotive industry is constantly looking for lightweight solutions and new design ideas to increase fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Globalene performance composites can be a significant part of the solution.

GLOBALENE performance composites can be classified into high rigidity, high impact resistance, fire resistance, glass fiber reinforcement, high chemical resistance, and high oil resistance. They can be subject to repeated cycles of processing and have low specific gravity. Performance composites are excellent alternatives to thermoset rubber and some engineering plastics for use in the manufacture of automotive interior, exterior parts, impact-resistant, and heat-resistant parts under engine hood.


Be it for innovative ergonomic design, soft touch, or color enrichment, GLOBALENE performance composites are available in a wide range of formulations to meet your processing needs.

GLOBALENE performance composites feature ease of processing, ease of coloring, and short processing time. In combination with downstream process, such as profile extrusion, injection molding and 2K injection molding, performance composites can be used to produce structurally complex, multi-component products. GLOBALENE performance composites have a dry touch and do not deform easily. Food contact grade performance composites are also available, following methodology and raw material selection in conformance with regulatory requirements. Major consumer applications include toothbrush handle, tool handle, sports water bottle, bottle cap and anti-slip parts.


We continue to develop innovative medical-grade performance composites to replace traditional materials.

LCY’s medical-grade PP is highly reputable and trusted by its worldwide clientele. Holding onto the same principle, LCY’s GLOBALENE performance composites unit endeavors in the development and certification of medical and food-grade materials that are well received in the market.


GLOBALENE performance composites can replace thermoset rubber as industrial/ construction materials to achieve energy conservation and lightweight construction.

GLOBALENE performance composites feature good seal performance, flame resistance and low specific gravity. They can be subject to repeated cycles of processing, and are environmentally friendly, which are suitable for industrial and construction use. GLOBALENE performance composites can be used in the making of wire and cable assembly, electrical conduit, bridge expansion joint, door/window seal strip, and O-ring that have stable quality and are well-received by clients.

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