LCY group's water business is aiming to establish sustainable and ecological water recycling solutions. The EPPA means Eco +Prosperity +Aqua, applying the forward-looking technology to wastewater treatment, we are able to provide our customers with the best quality water filtration system.


From membrane R&D to skid production, all work within Taiwan

  • Membrane R&D Membrane R&D
  • Anti-fouling Chemical Anti-fouling Chemical
  • Membrane Spinning Membrane Spinning
  • Module Module
  • Skid Skid
  • System System
  • Engineering/

  • MBR can minimize the needed processes for water purification and provide better water quality.

    Conventional Activated Sludge Process

    • Influent Influent
    • Activated Sludge Tank Activated Sludge Tank
    • Clarifier-Settler Clarifier-Settler
    • Sand Filter Sand Filter
    • Disinfection Disinfection
    • Effluent Effluent

    LCY MBR Process

    LCY MBR Process
    • High treated effluent quality: Turbidity <1 NTU , SS<1ppm
    • Recyclable as cooling water and RO feed-water
    • Reduced 20~30% working area.

    Ultrafiltration MBR can be used for the removal of particulates and macromolecules from raw water

    water & process solutions
    • MF

      SS, high molecular weight species, Crypto Guardia, bacteria...

    • UF

      Macromolecules, colloids, virus, proteins, pectins...

    • NF

      Small molecules, polyvalent ions (Ca, Mg...)

    • RO

      Salts, ions, color, low molecular weight species.


    Outside-In flow configuration - the membrane is less susceptible to plugging and accepts a wider range of feed waters.

    Track Records

    Track Records

    LCY K-plant MBR water recycle project

    • Track Records:LCY K plant
      Track Records
      LCY K plant
    • Wastewater Type:Industrial wastewater
      Wastewater Type
      Industrial wastewater
    • Capability:1,000 CMD
      1,000 CMD
    • Successful operation period > 4 years
      Successful operation period
      > 4 years


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