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LCY use polypropylene and non-petrochemical feedstocks to create circular polypropylene composites known for their plastic reduction and environmentally friendly properties. Renewable Polypropylene can maintain the mechanical properties of its feedstock and can facilitate the reduction of reliance on petrochemical feedstock, helping to achieve the goal of carbon reduction.

Features and Benefits

  • Increases resource utilization using non-petrochemical, bio-based feedstocks.
  • Polypropylene combined with non-petrochemical feedstocks reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the use of petrochemical-based plastics.

Application Scope

Renewable PP uses polypropylene combined with non-petrochemical feedstocks, offering versatile applications and contributing to energy efficiency and carbon reduction in line with the principles of the circular economy.

Product Specifications

GradeMFRFMApplication Keywords

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