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Polypropylene advanced materials are polypropylene modified with other polymers to enhance performance and improve the impact resistance while maintaining transparency and improving overall product performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior transparency
  • Excellent impact resistance at ambient temperature
  • Good low-temp impact resistance
  • No stress whitening

Application Scope

Product Specifications

GradeMFRFMApplication Keywords
667A1.713400Extract:, manage, Blown:, Bottle, Injection:, crates, car, and parts
81912.49600Extrusion:, Transparent, plate, Blowing:, clear, bottle, Shot-blow:, transparent, and bottle
8491910200Injection:, bottle, caps, home, appliances, Injection, and, blowing:, transparent, and bottles
84939.59200ejaculate, Shot-blow:, transparent, and bottle
849477900ejaculate, Shot-blow:, transparent, and bottle
8691279300Injection:, containers, home, appliances, thin-walled, and products
86922310600Container, appliance, housing, thin-walled, and part

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