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Medical Grade Polypropylene is specifically designed for medical device applications. The product line is manufactured and packaged in the cleanest and most stable manufacturing processes, exhibiting properties such as low migration and minimal ash content and meeting international standards for medical grade materials. Examples include the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), Drug Master File (DMF), and Chinese pharmaceutical regulations, which allow its use in medical device applications.

LCY is committed to developing polypropylene products for medical and healthcare applications with a strong focus on meeting stringent quality standards. Our polypropylene specifications comply with relevant international standards, ensuring trust and recognition from customers worldwide. Whether it's for medical packaging materials like IV bottles, syringes, soft bags, and contact lens packaging, or medical devices and laboratory consumables, our products meet the highest industry standards. As advancements in sterilization methods continue, LCY remains dedicated to innovating new products and providing essential technical support to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Features and Benefits

  • Low extractable
  • Low ash content
  • Excellent transparency
  • USP-6

Application Scope

IV bottles, IV bags, contact lens packaging material, ampoule, films for infusion

Non-prefilled syringes, prefilled flush syringes

Microcentrifuge tubes, pipettes, analyzer tube, centrifuge tubes, centrifuge bottles, test tube racks, deep well plates

Contact lens molds, packaging materials

Outer shell of hemodialyzer, outer shell of hemoperfusion cartridges, and hemodialysis machine components

Product Specifications

GradeMFRFMApplication Keywords
ST6121.89700Blowing, injection blowing: intravenous drip bottle
STM866810600Squirting: IV bottle
ST757M2510600Injection: empty syringe
PT231M2519300Injection: empty syringe
65701118300Injection: contact lens jig/box
656010.820000Injection: dialysis tube housing
68815519600Injection: laboratory accessories, pipette tips, centrifuge tubes
66912315000Pre-filled Flush Syringes
67613514500Injection: microcentrifuge tube
8662189400Injection: laboratory accessories, dialysis tube housings
6331F14.518200Single-use devices, parts, rigid packaging
878L3810700Transparent box, household products, Home appliances, Thin wall products, and Hidden eye mold
86611810500Injection: laboratory part, centrifuge tube
ST84618.08150Squeezable IV Bottle
SD91032.29300Laboratory part,centrifugetube
GH0055R8.06550Inner cap of IV bottle
GL0043D331850Outer cap of IV bottle

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