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Zhenjiang LCY Warehousing & Storage Co., Ltd., established in 1997 by Taiwan's LCY CHEMICAL Industry Corporation, operates as a sole proprietorship in the Dantu Economic Development Zone, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, China. The facility covers a total area of 47,207 square meters. It is part of the Petrochemical Storage Tank Zone and is strategically positioned in the north of the Special Chemical Industry District of the Jiangsu Dantu Economic Development Zone. It is bordered by the Yangtze River to the north, facing Jin Hai Hong Yei Industry (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd. Sinopec across the river to the east. There are two layers of embankment for flood control on the south and the Company borders the LPG Tank Zone of Petronas on the west. The compound enjoys convenient access to roadways along the Yangtze River, No. 312 National Highway, and the Shanghai-Ningpo Expressway, with the Beijing-Shanghai railway passing through. This strategic location provides easy access to river navigation, highway, and railroad transportation, facilitating nationwide connectivity.

The company boasts a 40,000-ton terminal dedicated to petrochemicals, featuring 21 temperature-controlled, nitrogen-sealed storage tanks made of stainless steel and carbon steel for liquefied and petrochemical products. It is also equipped with drum containers and facilities for petrochemical tank trucks, primarily offering comprehensive services in import/export storage of liquefied petroleum products.

Operated under the leadership of the Group and guided by the principles of customer first and adherence to international quality certification and ISO procedures, the company continuously diversifies its operations, providing diverse and high-quality services to both domestic and international customers, thereby contributing to the overall business growth of the Group.


  • 40,000-ton terminal dedicated to petrochemical
  • 21liquefied petroleum and petrochemical storage tanks and drum containers
  • Petrochemical tank truck support services


  • Import/export storage of liquefied petrochemical products


  • Storage tank rental
  • Petrochemical product filling services
  • Bonded storage tank rental services
  • Petrochemical drum loading (53 gallons/drum)
  • Shipping coordination services for transfer, import, and export

Storage Tank Specifications

MaterialVolume (KL)No. of TanksTotal volume(KL)
Carbon steel
Volume MaterialNo. of TanksVolume Total volumeNo. of Tanks
Total 21 Tanks68,000 KL

Supporting Facilities

  • Nitrogen seal
  • Heating
  • Filling equipment
  • Floating roof
  • Weighbridge

Terminal Layout

Berth lengthWater depthLoading and unloading platformAnnual pipeline runVessel type
256M16M173m×20m1M tons40,000-ton class chemical vessels and 4,000-ton propylene vessels

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