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What is the Difference Between Electronic Grade IPA and IPA?


What is IPA Chemical?

Isopropyl alcohol (IPA), also known as 2-propanol, is a colorless solvent with a strong odor at room temperature and pressure. It is highly soluble in water, as well as in most organic solvents such as alcohol, ethers and benzene.

IPA is widely used by various industries due to its high solubility. It is used as raw material and solvent. IPA is frequently applied in products such as alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, shaving lotion, lotion, etc.

IPA is used to remove dirt, oil and wax. Furthermore, highly-refined electronic grade isopropyl alcohol (EIPA) is an effective cleaning agent that is used to remove watermark and particles, making it an indispensable raw material used by high-tech IC, TFT-LCD, LED and PV industries during the cleaning stage of the manufacturing process, and can directly contribute to the end product’s quality.

EIPA produced by LCY Chemical Corp. (hereinafter referred to as LCY) undergoes rigorous controls and inspection from production, quality control to packaging. The stringent process ensures a high purity product portfolio that is PPT levels, which in turn helps the global semiconductor industry in advancing under-5nm fabrication technology. Moreover, LCY has invested significant resources in the research and development of our proprietary “EIPA Dual Cycle Circular Economy” technology, helping the semiconductor industry achieve the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

3 Common Applications for EIPA and IPA

1.Electronic Grade IPA & IPA Usage: Precision Cleaning

IPA can effectively remove oil and dirt and can be used as a cleaning solvent for scrubbing, cold washing and steaming. It is often used during the cleaning process of wafer fabrication, printed circuit boards and metal products’ manufacturing processes.

2.iluted IPA Usage: Disinfectants

Diluted IPA works similarly to ethanol in its application in everyday products such as alcohol wipes, rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer. During the Covid-19 pandemic, LCY donated 75% diluted IPA solution (news link) to different parts of Taiwan to with epidemic preventative measures.

Meanwhile, IPA is often found in cosmetic and beauty products, its ability to blend fat-soluble content to enable even distribution.

3.IPA Usage: Solvent and Other Functions

IPA is commonly used as a solvent for industrial processes such as printing and dyeing, optical film coatings, and is often found in essential oils. IPA is also used as a raw material for the manufacturing of acetone and its derivatives.


LCY is Your Number One Supplier for EIPA and IPA

LCY is Taiwan’s only vertically-integrated EIPA manufacturer and is one of the two EIPA suppliers for the semiconductor industry. We are a trusted brand for leading high-tech companies.

To meet customers’ need for high precision, EIPA produced by LCY has a high purity level of 99.999%. The production process involves sealed filling in clean rooms to meet PPT levels, offering guaranteed quality.

For questions on product applications and other inquiries, contact usfor more information.