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GLOBALPRENE SIS is a styrene/isoprene block copolymer. It is used in hot-melt adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior thermal stability
  • Use of solvent generally not required
  • Acts like vulcanized rubber without vulcanization
  • Superior adhesion - eco-friendly, non-toxic.

Application Scope

Laminated by spray, brush and roll coating. Balance among tack, adhesion and cohesion. Wide use for different materials.


  • Hot melt adhesive-Tapes and label adhesives
  • Adhesives in medical supplies and materials
  • Protective films, sealants
  • Solvent-based adhesives, all-purpose adhesive

Low temperature impact strength, good elastic recovery, enhanced high and low temperature performance

Product Specifications

GradeStructureBD/SMApplication Keywords
5516Linear84/16 Adhesive and Sealants
5517Linear85/15 Adhesive and Sealants
5561Linear82/18 film, Adhesive, sealant, Flexographic, printing, water, and proof
5562ULinear55/45 Adhesive and sealant
5516DLinear84/16 Hot, melt, adhesives, solvent-based, and adhesives

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