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Globalprene SEBS is a hydrogenated form of SBS with a higher content of 1,2-vinyl structure. After hydrogenation, the copolymer consists of polystyrene (S) - polyethylene (E) - polybutylene (B) - polystyrene (S), hence abbreviated as SEBS. Hydrogenation virtually eliminates double bonds in the SBS molecules, significantly reducing degradation by Oxygen, Ozone and UV. As a result, SEBS has improved service temperature, oxidation resistance, creep resistance and compression set.

Features and Benefits

  • High temperature resistance
  • Excellent aging resistance property
  • Superior electrical properties
  • Good solubility, compounding performance, and excellent oil absorption
  • Ready-to-use elastomer without vulcanization

Application Scope

Excellent rebound and shock absorption performance.

Plasticizer and vulcanization not required.

Good colorability, colorless

Suitable for footwear applications in outsole, midsole and insole

Soft, elastic, high hysteresis, improves low-temperature impact strength, low gel content, and suitable for multilayer composites


  • Elastic films for nonwoven fabric
  • Industrial packaging films, food packaging films
  • IC carrier tapes
  • Protect films

Lightweight, high elasticity, high impact sttength, high processability, Good resistance to low temperatures and weathering.


  • handles, steering wheels, soft interior trim, and accessories
  • door and window seals, sleeves, and gaskets
  • Bumpers, dashboards
  • Soundproofing foam materials

Excellent low-temperature flexibility, superior elastic recovery, improves the softening point of asphalt,and increases its range of high- and low-temperature resistance.


  • Asphalt modification for roads
  • Roof and waterproofing material coating
  • Self-adhered asphalt waterproofing membrane
  • Back-adhesive asphalt waterproofing membrane & back adhesive

Ideal for spray, brush and roller application of adhesives, providing excellent adhesive performance and versatility for bonding in a wide range of materials.


  • Hot melt adhesive-Tapes and label
  • Adhesives in medical supplies and hygiene materials
  • Protective films, sealants
  • Solvent-based adhesives, all-purpose adhesive

Excellent transparency, soft, good elasticity recovery Shear-thinning behavior and thixotropic behavior to control viscosity and flow of grease


  • Gel candles, sticky toys
  • Wire and fiber optical cable filling gel
  • Cosmetics
  • Oil thickeners

Excellent transparency, high flexibility, kink resistance, no plasticizer required, heat sealable, suitable for extrusion,ISO 10993 & USP VI certified.


  • Soft bags, tubing, and rubber stoppers for infusion
  • Medical equipment and parts
  • Plastic modification for medical supplies
  • Alternative to natural rubber, PVC, and latex

Product Specifications

GradeStructureBD/SMApplication Keywords
7533Linear70/30 Plastic, modification, footwear, and, foam, and car
7550Linear70/30Plastic, modification, Footwear, and, foam, Asphalt, modification, and, waterproofing, Adhesive, Oil, and modification
7550ULinear70/30 Plastic, modification, Footwear, and, foam, Asphalt, modification, and, waterproofing, Adhesive, Oil, and modification
7551Linear67/33 Plastic, modification, footwear, and, foaming, asphalt, modification, and, and waterproofing
7554Linear69/31 Plastic, modification, Asphalt, modification, and, and waterproofing
7554ULinear69/31 Plastic, modification, water, and proof
9526DLinear69/31 Adhesive, protective, film, Plastic, modification, Impact, resistant, and toughening
9550Linear70/30 Plastic, modification, medical, and Adhesive
9550ULinear70/30 Plastic, modification, medical, and Adhesive
9551Linear67/33 Plastic, modification, and medical
9551ULinear67/33 Plastic, modification, and medical
9552Linear70/30 Plastic, modification, water, proof, medical, and sticky
9552ULinear70/30 Plastic, modification, water, proof, medical, and sticky
9557DLinear87/13 Plastic, modification, water, proof, film, Adhesive, and sealant
9645DRadial87/13 medical, film, Plastic, modification, PP, impact, resistant, toughening, and Adhesive
9901Linear70/30 Plastic, modification, Adhesive, and Sealants

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