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GLOBALPRENE SBS OE (Oil Extended) is a type of styrene/butadiene block copolymer that contains process oil. It is also called an oil extended grade.

Features and Benefits

  • Acts like vulcanized rubber without vulcanization
  • Recyclable for reprocessing
  • Colorability
  • Superior physical and mechanical properties
  • Reduces processing costs with the use of simple molding machines and technology
  • Bonds easily to shoe upper material
  • Superior low-temperature properties

Application Scope

Excellent rebound, abrsion, flexiable, soft and balanced performance, oil-extended, plasticizer and vulcanization not required, recyclable, colorability, colorless.


  • Outsole
  • Midsole, insole
  • Foam pad, yoga mat
  • Shock absorption material, guard/protector strips

Soft, highly elastic, easy to dye, easy to process,

Good low temperature resistance and weather resistance

Suitable for artificial leather

Product Specifications

GradeStructureExtended OilFormBD/SMApplication Keywords
1475Radial33.3Pellet60/40 Pellet
1485Radial31Pellet68/32 Pellet
1487Radial28.5Pellet45/55 Pellet
1546Linear25Pellet60/40 Pellet

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