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GLOBALPRENE SBS NOE (Non-Oil-extended) is a type of styrene/butadiene block copolymer. It is a non-oil-extended material that does not contain process oil.

Features and Benefits

  • Acts like vulcanized rubber without vulcanization
  • Can be recycled for reprocessing
  • Reduces processing costs with the use of simple molding machines and technology
  • Superior physical and mechanical properties
  • Superior low-temperature properties

Application Scope

Rebound, abrsion, flexiable and balanced performance, high damping, plasticizer free, no vulcanization, recyclable

Excellent low-temperature flexibility, superior elastic recovery, improves the softening point of asphalt, and increases its range of high- and low-temperature resistance.


  • Asphalt modification for roads
  • Roof and waterproofing material coating
  • Self-adhered asphalt waterproofing membrane
  • Back-adhesive asphalt waterproofing membrane & back adhesive

Product Specifications

GradeStructureBD/SMApplication Keywords
3411PRadial70/30 Pellet, &, Powder, &, and Crumb
3520Linear69/31 Pellet
3522Linear77/23 Pellet
3527Linear75/25 Pellet
3536Linear70/30 Pellet
3537Linear65/35 Pellet, &, and Powder
3542Linear60/40 Pellet
3545Linear55/45 Pellet
3546Linear60/40 Pellet
3566Linear70/30 Pellet
3710Linear70/30 Pellet, &, and Powder
3741Radial70/30 Pellet, &, and Powder
3411Radial69/31Asphalt, modification, compounding, for, modification, and adhesives
3412Radial67/33Asphalt, modification, compounding, for, modification, solvent, based, adhesive, and application
3501Linear69/31 Plastic, modification, asphalt, modification, compounding, for, modification, mechanical, and parts
3780Linear70/30Building, and, home, construction, graftable, rubber, and modifier

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