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Fermented Astaxanthin: Discovering Innovative Values in Food and Nutrition


LCY is fully committed to the fermentation biotechnology industry. Our dedicated team of scientists and engineers have developed 100% bio-based human, pet and animal nutrition supplements and food and beverage ingredients through yeast and fermentation processes supported by science and technology. After numerous discussions with internal and external partners, LCY is focused on the application of carotenoids in the nutritional food, beverages and supplement sectors.

The carotenoid family comprises over 700 nutrients, many of which the human body does not naturally produce. These nutrients boast significant nutritional value and possess antioxidant properties. LCY experts foresee promising potential for them in nutritional supplements, food and beverages. Following thorough professional analysis and market research, it has been decided that "fermented astaxanthin" will first take center stage in our research and production efforts in the fermentation field, paving the way for new opportunities in the nutritional food, beverages and supplement sectors.

Impact & Highlight: Nutrition Reimagined for Humans, Pets and Animals

The innovation in this project extends beyond technical advancements; it also signifies progress in safeguarding health and well-being. Furthermore, the project promises significant positive outcomes for the environment and global nutritional supply.

Take LCY's fermented astaxanthin as an example. It provides numerous benefits to humans, pets and animals. Published research has shown that Its powerful antioxidant properties help neutralize free radicals, slow the aging process, and improve eye health by protecting against UV damage and reducing the risk of macular degeneration. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties are believed to support cardiovascular health, making it a sought-after supplement for daily wellness.

In addition to creating supplements for human nutrition, LCY's research and product development has expanded into the field of pet and animal healthcare. Harnessing the unique benefits of astaxanthin, LCY has crafted supplements specifically designed to meet the nutritional requirements of pets and animals. Published research support findings that these supplements aid in slowing the aging process in pets and animals while providing enhanced protection for their eyes and joints.

Technology & Innovation: Improve Health Quality and Reducing Resource Consumption

Traditionally, astaxanthin production could be roughly categorized into two methods: natural astaxanthin extracted from haematococcus pluvialis and synthetic astaxanthin produced by chemical synthesis.

Cultivating haematococcus pluvialis for natural astaxanthin extraction involves growing algae in test tubes and then transferring them to expansive yet closed environments where they are exposed to culture lighting for approximately four weeks. The entire production process takes about three months. This method is time-consuming, costly, and prone to problems such as inconsistent production volume, purity and susceptibility to weather conditions. There are also concerns about purity and traceability.

In today's aquafeed market, many astaxanthin products are chemically synthesized. However, the human body's absorption of chemically synthesized astaxanthin is relatively low compared to that of cultured algae.

On the other hand, LCY's astaxanthin, produced through patented yeast and fermentation processes, offers superior efficiency and absorption rates. LCY has remarkably reduced the production time from several months to just one day, overcoming the challenges of weather-related fluctuations in production volume and maintaining product quality under optimal conditions.

LCY's fermentation process not only increases production efficiency but also reduces resource consumption and carbon emissions. This sustainability effort addresses the pressing issue of global warming. Crucially, LCY's technology has been rigorously verified by third-party laboratories, confirming the efficacy of fermented astaxanthin. 

Vision & Future: From People to Pets and Animals

In the coming years, LCY's fermented astaxanthin won't just focus on human healthcare but will also expand into the pet and animal healthcare market.

With pet and animal owners increasingly focusing on the health of their pets, this market has immense potential and is a key focus for LCY's future business development. LCY's strategy is to start with the human health supplement market, gradually expand into the pet and animal food market, and finally enter the livestock industry. This approach leverages LCY's exceptional fermentation technology across a broader range of applications.

The heart of this vision is to provide environmentally friendly products and healthier options for humans, pets and animals, thereby enhancing the overall quality of life. By bringing fermentation biotechnology to these sectors, LCY aims to meet the growing expectations for overall health and nutritional needs.

Looking ahead, LCY will continue to advance the application of fermentation biotechnology by introducing various members of the carotenoid family into fermentation processes. These efforts aim to establish LCY's 100% bio-sourced nutritional foods, beverages and supplements as leaders in the food and nutrition sector to usher in a new era of health advancement.