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LCY Group Chairman Speaks at the SelectUSA Investment Summit


李長榮化工獲邀至美國SelectUSA高峰會演講 揭示榮化半導體製程關鍵角色 實現美國供應鏈韌性.jpg

LCY Group Chairman Bowei Lee attended the 2022 SelectUSA Investment Summit, the highest-profile event hosted by the U.S. Department of Commerce dedicated to promoting foreign direct investment in the United States. LCY Chemical Corp. is a key materials supplier in the global semiconductor industry value chain, in his speech at the U.S. Manufacturing Advantage plenary session, Lee shared his observation from the company’s long-time investment experience in the U.S. Top executives from Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi, Inc., Aurubis, and Bombardier were among the panelists for the same session.

Responding to the U.S.’ Call for Investment, LCY Brings along Exclusive Technology to Its New Plant in the U.S.

The U.S. administration’s policy discourse has turned towards Made in USA and America COMPETES Act. In addition to the extensive promotion of infrastructure projects, the government is proactively supporting the manufacturing industry, waving hands at the global semiconductor manufacturers to strengthen domestic supply chain resilience.

LCY Chemical Corp. is a critical chemical supplier for the semiconductor industry that boasts cutting-edge technologies for electronic-grade isopropyl alcohol (EIPA) production. In 2021, the company announced its strategic expansion in the U.S. market, investing $100 million in a new manufacturing plant in Arizona to supply EIPA for advanced under 5-nano processes. The move will support semiconductor industry’s advanced processes in the U.S.; LCY’s innovative “EIPA Dual Cycle Circular Economy” technology can identify unknown content in the recycled waste liquid. The exclusive technology separates, filters, and purifies the waste liquid to generate high-purity EIPA, which can be used in the semiconductor production process once again. The circular economy model helps the semiconductor industry inch in on the 2050 Net Zero goals through carbon footprint reduction, saving water resources, and reducing its dependence on petrochemical feedstock.

LCY Emphasizes Diverse Innovation and Looks to Recruit U.S. Talent

During the summit, Lee also spoke about the U.S.’ role as a leading technology powerhouse that nurtures talents with the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and global perspective. Along with plans for future global operation expansion, LCY looks forward to more U.S. talents joining the organization to expand current diverse international stage where employees can grow with the company and create possibilities for a sustainable earth.

Calls for Infrastructure Support for Further Investment

As a global material and science company, LCY has manufacturing footprints in Qatar, Canada, and various locations in Taiwan, China and US. In 2004, LCY Chemical Corp. expanded its presence to Texas through merger and acquisition, subsequently invested in startup companies in Carlsbad and San Carlos in California. Last year LCY announced the establishment of LCY Electronic Materials, Inc. in Arizona, supplying electronic chemical solutions to most advanced chipmakers in the US.

Lee also pointed out that the US administrations, from federal, to state, to local level, are one of the most supportive governments. LCY’s operations in the US is to help strengthen supply chain resilience, create quality jobs, and build a sustainable future. The experiences have demonstrated that the United States is a great investment destination. LCY will bring in more resources to strengthen the US investment, if we are considered in the incentive programs like other fellow American companies, which will further encourage the company to invest more.