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LCY Group Chairman Bowei Lee Named New ITRI Laureate Leading Industry Transformation and Nurturing Green Collar Talent


李長榮集團總裁李謀偉,獲第十一屆工研院院士殊榮 引領產業轉型 培育綠領人才實力-1.jpg

Nov. 11, 2022 - LCY Chairman Bowei Lee was honored as one of the ITRI laureates at the 11th ITRI Laureate Ceremony. President Tsai Ing-wen graced the event in person, extending her congratulations to the laureates and presenting them with medals and certificates. The president lauded the new laureates for their exceptional contributions to technological innovation and its industrialization, commending their altruistic efforts toward public welfare and industrial development. President Tsai also highlighted Chairman Lee's pivotal role in LCY's twenty-fold growth over the past twenty-three years, underscoring his significant contributions to connecting Taiwan's chemical industry with the global arena.

During the award ceremony, Chairman Lee drew inspiration from Charles Dicken's A Tale of Two Cities, quoting "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times," and shared LCY's commitment to highlighting climate change issues and promoting a green transformation. He cited the example of bio-succinic acid developed by LCY's Canadian team, which is produced by catalytic fermentation of non-food grade corn using an exclusive genetically modified strain of bacteria, eliminating the need for fossil resources. This production process significantly reduces energy consumption. PBS, a biodegradable plastic made from bio-succinic acid, is gaining momentum worldwide, particularly in food packaging, with the ability to degrade within 180 days at room temperature, reducing the carbon footprint of waste incineration.

LCY also pioneered the EIPA Dual Cycle Circular Economy Model, providing process cleaners to the world's most advanced wafer fabrication processes. The waste solutions are then recycled by separating the IPA from the wastewater, purifying it, and then producing the same high-specification semiconductor-grade IPA. The remaining wastewater then undergoes LCY's MBR process and is recycled and reused for industrial purposes, realizing a win-win situation for LCY, the semiconductor industry, and the environment while supporting the green transformation.

In addition, Chairman Lee underscores the vital role of talent development, pointing out that the emerging generation of green-collar professionals is fundamental to both economic and sustainable growth. He pledges continued support through the LCY Education Foundation, which offers scholarships, sponsors youth-led research projects and hosts forums with Nobel laureate-level discussions. These initiatives aim to inspire students to pursue scientific research and help young scientists build international networks.

Lee emphasizes the importance of industry-academia collaboration in talent cultivation. ITRI's role in facilitating such collaboration, whether in talent development or technology integration, is vital for Taiwan's industrial growth. Lee looks forward to ongoing collaboration with ITRI to drive technological innovation, nurture future talent, and ensure Taiwan's competitiveness in the future.

李長榮集團總裁李謀偉,獲第十一屆工研院院士殊榮 引領產業轉型 培育綠領人才實力-2.jpg