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Zhenjiang LCY Warehousing & Storage Co., Ltd.
  • Rental of storage tank facilities.
  • Rental of bonded storage tank facilities.
  • Transshipment and import/export of petrochemical products.
  • Petrochemical filling services.
  • Petrochemical drum loading (53 gallon drums)

Tank Layout and Facilities

Material Volume (KL) No. of tanks Total volume (KL)
Carbon steel
Carbon steel
5,000 7 35,000
3,000 5 10,000
1,500 3 4,500
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
3,000 3 9,000
1,500 3 4,500
Total 21 68,000 KL

Tank Facilities

  • Nitrogen seal
  • Heating
  • Filling equipment
  • Floating roof
  • Weighbridge

Carbon Steel Vessels by Volume (KL)

Stainless Steel Vessels by Volume (KL)

Terminal Layout

  • The Terminal is 280 km from Wusong Estuary and 64 km from the navigation route of Nanjing City up the river.
  • The frontage of terminal has a water depth of negative 16 meters.
  • Length of the berth is 256 meters; ship loading and unloading platform is 78 m X 20 m.
  • Can dock 40,000-ton class chemical vessels and 4,000-ton propylene vessels.
  • Terminal is equipped with oil loading arm.
  • Pier approach span is 152 meters long, and there are now six pipelines leading directly to the terminal.
  • The designed annual pipeline run is 1,000,000 tons
Kaohsiung Terminal Station Visit Kaohsiung Terminal Station
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