Effort in green chemistry received recognition again LCY Chemical Corp won the Best Partner Award of UMC's 3R League

The 2nd Triple R Awards ceremony themed on "Implementing a Circular Economy and Building a Green Supply Chain to Create a Sustainable Future" announced award winners of outstanding suppliers a few days ago. LCY Chemical Corp, participating in the program for the first time, won the Best Partner Award for its Electronic grade IPA (EIPA) recycling service. This year, a total of 35 suppliers participated in the 3R League, endeavoring to realize the idea of a circular economy in practice and fulfill corporate social responsibility as a global citizen.

Triple R refers to Reduce (reduce waste of energy and resources), Reuse (reuse recycled materials), and Recycle (reprocess materials for reuse). In keeping with the idea of green chemistry, LCY established a green supply chain voluntarily, moving from "energy saving and waste minimization" to "a circular economy." From producing EIPA, recycling waste liquid to reprocessing and reuse, LCY provides one-stop service. The Company leverages its core competence to realize 3R, by improving the raw material production process to reduce energy or raw material consumption and recycling waste liquid to purify and reuse for other purposes. Environmental burdens thus can be lower significantly.

IPA is an essential raw material for petrochemicals. Reagent grade IPA (for general use) can be applied to producing flavoring essences, solvents, and cosmetics, while EIPA is used by the electronics industry after being elevated to Electronic grade. Electronic companies utilize high-purity IPA for the cleaning process to remove organic substances, watermarks, and particles on the surface of wafers.

As the largest manufacturer of IPA and MIBK in Taiwan, LCY aims to improve the quality of life and always strives for innovation. We go beyond the existing framework and collaborate with our strategic partners to build a promising market for high-value-added, eco-friendly chemical products, turning waste into gold. LCY always keeps up with the global trend and will continue its effort to become a top company worldwide.

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