LCY Biosciences to officially resume production of bio-based chemicals in Sarnia, Canada

After acquiring BioAmber’s plant and equipment in Sarnia, Canada in 2018, LCY Biosciences, an LCY Chemical Corp. subsidiary, has now completed all preparations for the resumption of the production of bio-based chemicals and obtained purchase orders from international clients, thanks to the joint efforts of research and development personnel from Taiwan and production and management personnel from Canada.

LCY Biosciences produces succinic acid by fermenting sugars, using corn syrup instead of traditional petrochemicals process. Succinic acid is a key chemical essential to the production of biodegradable plastics and food additives. The fermentation process creates no harmful volatile organic compounds, VOCs, therefore is cleaner and more eco-friendly.

With the rise of eco-consciousness and inevitable exhaustion of fossil fuel, the use of renewable feedstocks in place of petrochemical products to produce bioplastics or biodegradable materials is a goal the global chemical industry strives to achieve. LCY Biosciences’ kick-start represents a major milestone on LCY Chemical Corp.’s path to environmental sustainability.

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