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Cornerstone of Innovation

LCY has always been a proponent of innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit, and we prioritize value creation as our operational strategy to revolutionize resource use. We have a team of nearly 150 R&D professionals from various fields, including chemistry, materials, chemical engineering, analysis and market development. The allocated funds for R&D have accumulated to NT$2 billion from 2019 to 2022.

Products R&D is primarily overseen by the LCY R&D Center. In addition to product development, the R&D Center also includes subunits developing other branches of the product series. Innovative products aim to enhance resource efficiency for clients through product, process, and business model innovation. Our R&D management, spanning six stages, integrates considerations like environmental health and safety, technological development, market assessment, patent risks, and compliance. This approach fulfills the fundamental requirements for managing the schedule, budget, and compliance of product development. 

LCY initiated a Platform for Innovation, Inspiration, and Creativity to encourage creative contributions from R&D personnel. This platform serves as a space for sharing innovative ideas, and concepts that pass the platform can enter the six-stage R&D management process. The continuous process of experimentation and implementation in product development is challenging but equally filled with innovation and enjoyment.